Getting A Signal Follower To Affect Multiple Tracks~

hey everyone, I hope this is a simple question :D
and thanks for taking time to help~

I have a Signal Follower on my kick drum track, I want to create a quick side-chaining effect of having the kick cut through the rest of the track, so I have the Signal Follower hooked up to a Gainer on another track cutting the volume every-time the kick drum sounds.

It works well, but if I want to hook it up to multiple DSPs across a range of tracks how do I do that? I think the answer might lie with the s01 and s02 tracks which I have actually never used and don’t know much about.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ^^

Just two more quick questions:

  1. What are other good ways for creating this sort of side-chaining effect? I searched the forums but the tread I found was a little out of date (and linked me to non-available VSTs)
  2. I have a previous account on this site by the name of B0TUL which I’d like to delete. How do I do that?

Thanks again everyone!

Well more signal followers on track thats hmmm hard way.

Or better way singnal folower + hydra device on kick drum track

Then make signal follower CT -> hydra device -> input

After that go to hydra device and put effets on track or on DPS you need or on both.

about request 2: if you agree and like to, we can rename your old account to bottlemusic and delete this new account

Thanks for the replies!

I tried the Hydra Device solution, it’s good, but as the Hydra device only has 4 outputs, it still means I have to make more than one Signal Follower, and as most of my songs have around 20-30 tracks once they reach completion that means making 5-8 Signal Followers and 5-8 Hydra Devices which could get really complicated especially if I want to pin-point a specific one quickly.

It’s a better work-around than what I’ve got at the moment, but is there anyway I can do this with ‘Send Devices’ and the S01 track? (I’ve never used either!) Thanks :D

See the little [<] and [>] arrow buttons in the bottom right corner of the Hydra? Click the right arrow to expand the view and get 5 more outputs, for a max total of 9.

If you need more than that, you don’t need another Signal Follower. You simply need to link one of the outputs of Hydra 1 into the input of Hydra 2, and daisy chain as many as you like.

All the answers above must have answered your question but just for your information - one way to go about it are the send tracks indeed.

  1. add a Send Device (routed to s01) to all tracks except the kick track
  2. apply the Signal Follower (on kick track) to affect the volume of s01 (or a Gainer on it)

Brilliant, both those posts helped me out a ton, so thanks you two :)