Getting Audio And Video Together...

hey guys, I’ve done a little movie filming subways, and now I need wanted to compose the score for this video…in renoise if possible! But the movie has a lot of quick cuts and I feel like it’s almost impossible to sync the score with the movie by just using renoise and having a media player window opened. Anyone got an Idea what I should use to give some audio to a movie?
Thanks for your help! :)

You could try the VST->Winamp Bridge:

It will sync any media playing in Winamp (mp3, video, etc) to the current position within Renoise. Seems to work quite well. When you test it, make sure you’ve got some audio going through the VST plugin otherwise it won’t be triggered, and then Winamp won’t do anything ;) So just keep it on your master track and things should be ok.

About the triggering:

You can turn of autosuspend for vst plugins in the CachedVsts.xml file.

Here is also another mpeg1 format only vst video plugin.

since you are making the movie, I suggest you to make the opposite, sync the VIDEO upside the song…

this will make the music flow more normal, than the images will follow the beat, like a video-clip…

you can see one that I made at :

the song was fully made with Renoise.


Thanks for introducing this fantastic and helpful VST. It’s very interesting and useful. :)