Getting back into tracking.


I have not used trackers for about 10 years, then it was just ModEdit and ModPlay (Old DOS text based tracker (by Mark Cox IIRC -?)). I never had an Amiga and never used pro-tracker although I knew what it was due to my school friends doing mods on it. Although I have checked in on the tracker scene every few years since then, I had a quick look at Modplug editor and listened to some mods over the years from modarchive (using winamp normally).

Anyway, my point is that I have not been inspired to get back into trackers at all until I read about renoise and checked it out, this is great as I love writing music although I have not used any other programs since (I had a quick look at cubase but it’s just too clunky) I just occasionally play my keyboard.

Renoise has a lot of features that I always thought should be there and I knew they were possible (as a programmer myself) just that I had not seen them ever implemented.

So a big thank you to the renoise team, and if I do decide to get back into writing music more regularly then it’s certainly worth registering (Even though renoise gave all the features I need in the free version).


How have you actually made it so long without tracking? If I don’t get my weekly dose I would suffer.

looks like it has affected him. just look at that strawberry head…