Getting Long Snares

I was just wondering how to get them sound so long (and kind of snappy). I mean like that dance music snares - all I do just sound sooo short.

Here’s a link with the example: from 1:25. Is it just by the sample (but I never found a sample like this) or it is done by timing more snares or some reverb end?
Help me please I’m trying to make snare like this for a long time…

I didnt click on the above yutube you linked and i probably havent heard that song, but im just going to take a shot in the dark and say why dont you play around with different snare samples and experiment with reverb settings, then play the renoise’s gate dsp.

try a dsp chain something similar to this, and play around with the settings:
compressor (very high ratio, then lower the treshold and play with attack till you find the sweetspot)

or… move the reverb after the compressor if you prefer


I made a little example for you, you can download it here.

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Yes, I’d like my snares enlarged. But please dont send me a coupon for dutch tracne cd, I don’t want my ears contracting HIV and die of AIDS 10 years later.

I think that song has at least two, “snare tracks.” (not counting the drum bus )

I think there is a clap, and a snare on top. ( by that I mean, in the mix, the clap is quieter than the snare )

Obviously, that is a healthy snare sample, with quite a bit of decay tail, and the clap is what is giving you that transient snap.

Than… Compression, yeah totally… Ever play the game squash… lol… somebody sat on those sounds with an aircraft carrier, because they are mush!

The release sounds short to me… and the reverb is probably not as heavy as you might guess…

That’s what I’m picking up too. One more addition I’d use to finish the job is to delay the snare track every so slightly (getting it to sound correct is very much sensitive to the shortness of the delay). It gives the effect of a very hard initial compression, as you get the initial snap of the clap contrasting against near-silence, and then the snare bursts up as if it were “pushing up against” the compressor.

Thank you guys! I’m now trying to get the closest to this sound as I can :)