Getting Pitchbend To Work With Vsts

It should be so easy. It’s in the docs - use C1 in the panning column and say… 7000 in the effect column. The pitch should slide up as it’s playing.

I’ve tried with numerous VSTs, and none of them will slide up.

What am I missing (apart from a brain) ?

the instrument number?

both insturment number and the C1 should stay on the rightmost column

Or simply add a “MIDI Control Device” as FX ->, then you don’t have to mess around with the pattern code magic and also can draw automation for this…

Cool - it works! I forgot the instr number. I thought it applied to the whole track, but obviously not.

Any way to get higher or lower than two semitones though?
And also for the pitch to change relatively, rather than as an absolute?
(i.e. basically how 101 or 201 would work for sample based instruments).

the pitchbend range is set on the instrument, so Renoise cannot do anything to change it with a pattern command, unless the plugin permits to do so via MIDI CC messages. Look into the plugin manual to see if and how you can change the range.

about the absolute changes: the MIDI pitchbend works in relative mode and also applies to all the playing notes, so there is nothing we can do to change this behaviour.

I see (I presume you meant absolute instead of relative and vice versa).

Isn’t it theoretically possible though that Renoise could ‘fake’ it by setting lots of absolute micro changes per note to imitate as if it were like 101/201. It would be handy, because then one could just enter one bit of effect data, and you get an instant slide. Otherwise, one needs to set say… 10 effect data bits, and you need 10 lines to do it. Sounds rather messy.

I might suggest this to the features list.

we discussed this topic in the past. The main problem is that, while MIDI PB works on all the notes of an instrument, trackers PB only works on the notes which are playing on the track where the command is put; also, while a new note gets the MIDI PB which was set the last time, this is not true for trackers PB:

MIDI scenario:  
C-4 01 C1 6000  
E-4 01 -- ----- <= will play higher than E-4  
tracker scenario:  
C-4 01 -- 0120  
E-4 01 -- ---- <= will play at E-4 exactly  

you may then suggest that, if 01xx is used on a VST/MIDI instrument, then it will work exactly as standard 01xx, but this would be more confusing than else.

I also think this could be handy, but also think it would be confusing