Getting Samples Out Of Songs

i found a bunch of songs i did on an old hard drive. and i like the samples i used. some of them are multi samples, like drumsets and stuffs. does renoise save the samples to a directory that i can just take them out of and put into my sample library?

oh boy. didnt see this before, thanks

can you maybe point me in the direction of the idiots guide to making an xrni? i’m having trouble with this as well

nice 1!

Renoise songs are saved in an XRNI file, which is basically a zip file with some directories inside which contain all the samples for all the instruments in your song. So by using your favourite unzipper you can extract whatever samples you need to get out of your song.

Any advice on how to do this on a mac???

XRNI Ripper works on my mac just fine.

  1. Download XRNIRipper:
  2. Unzip it
  3. Double click the XRNIRipper folder
  4. Double click XRNSTools.jar

Optionally, move the XRNIRipper folder somewhere where you want it, like in Applications.

Thanks man, I did not know this either.