Getting Sounds From Exr 5

I bought myself a jack to jack cable to try a little trick…
I connected it to the headphones output and into the
input of the mic on the computer.
It worked. I did get sound from the keyboard onto
my computer ,but the quality is poor…
Been trying a long time to get good samples to my computer.
My piano got a lot of them and iwish to user them in Renoise.
I cant use these samples… Ive tried various programs like audacity
to remove the white noise ,but with no luck…

Anyone have a trick they would like to tell me?
I could realy use some help…

headphone outputs do have approxiamtely the same gain as line outputs.
the headphone inputs are much more sensitive.
the output from the headphonejack of the instrument is probably too high causing distortion.
to avoid the distortion, you probably reduce the output of the exr5 to a very low level, thus leading to all the noise you hear in the recording.

try connecting to the line input instead of the mic-in
and follow the instructions keith303 wrote below.

edited after reading keith303’s post. :)

that EXR5 ain’t got no proper line outs? odd…
so i’d also say, connect to the line-in instead of the mic-in (guess that’s what sqeetz meant to say), and you should be fine.
also make sure, that all unused inputs are either disabled or lowered to the minimum level before recording, to reduce potentially present white noise sources.
also turn up the volume on your EXR5 to the maximum and lower the input vol of the line-in in your soundcard’s mixer to the highest niveau possible, before clipping occurs.
btw, which soundcard are you sampling with?

Darn it! Im still getting that same old white noise!
Is it even possible to get perfect sound threw the