Getting Started With Oldschool Music?

The main music genre I plan on creating with renoise is oldschool Acid House, Breakbeat (Hardcore), and Happy Hardcore. Some artists that have influenced me are The Movement, Maurice, DJ Brisk, DJ Sy, Luna C, and The Prodigy.

I was wondering which VSTs/Instruments/Samples I should go about getting or using for this genre?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but it is quite difficult to find old school stuff nowadays, thanks much. :)

off the top of my head, for samples of instruments, get sounds from the TB-303, TR-808, TR-909, juno 106 and of course plenty of breakbeats. have a look at to find synths sounds you might be looking for.

great copy of the tb 303 is the phoscyon

for prodigy-like sounding patches you could try korg legacy vst’s (i’m pretty sure they used the microkorg in eraly albums)

I’m pretty sure the micorkorg came out ten years after the Prodigy’s early albums.

My favorite is the AudioRealism Bass Line 2:

Thanks much guys. Hopefully I can find everything I need. :)

Also thanks for those TB-303 VSTs, they’re pretty great.

Any idea what was used to make the piano rolls and the synth stabs?

Also is it even possible to get juno and tb 303 samples? Or are you better off just making your own.

Most of the stuff you mentioned used Recycling heavily
By recycling i mean sampling and using stabs sounds and entire sections out of older dance tunes
Also get a bunch of samples of the Juno 2 or 1 or MKS50 (All the same engine)


I think that making oldschool music is a lot about making music with samples in stead of vsti’s
especially the melody.
The cool thing about that music is that if you have a sampled chord and if you pitch it in a melody it allready sounds as a typical oldschool melody. especially if there is a little bit of “bad quality noise” in the sample that is pitched also with the melody. it makes it realy oldschool :D

Kinda like Nu-Skool with a Oldskool flavor :D

This reply is the answer.

Oldskool hardcore, was made on atari ST’s and a hardware sampler (akai, roland, emu etc, mainly the akai s1000 or if you weren’t rich, an akai s950). so you didn’t really have alot to play with which is a big limitation but it’s that hardware limitations that made people really creative.

Alot of oldskool hardcore took samples off the hiphop coming out at the time (mainly breakbeats and vocal snipets) the rave stabs weren’t all synths, most of those old stabs are sampled sounds of choirs and orchestra hits. People making the tunes in their bedroom would just sample some one elses rave tune for a stab that everyone else had used.

So just collect samples. obviously there’s piano too. and for those who didn’t rob an entire pianoline off some house tune they had to make it them self with a korg M1 or something. try and find a korg m1 soundfont maybe?

also this standalone app is awesome


for an authentic oldskool tune;

convert all your samples to 12bit

don’t use any automation / fx automation

if you do use fx, just limit your self to say 1 reverb setting and 1 delay setting, create a bus for both of these then just use the native send device.

have a go at just limiting your self to 8 tracks only. or if you’re feeling hardcore, 4 tracks

limit the amount of samples you use. if you’re running out of audio ideas for your track just do something clumsy like reverse a breakbeat you allready have and pitch it up really high so it goes sawwwiishawoopwaowopp :lol:

use the track delay and bodge things up a bit, might seem crazy, up to you if you want to emulate midi latency. just don’t go over board! (+10.000 ms maximum!)

don’t worry about song structure too much, this is oldskool you just flow with it.

I know Im waffling but also. be SURE to grab these vst effects. Ferox and Time-machine

made a quick 4 pattern mod for HKPlastik to work with.

you’ll need those 2 free plugins I mentioned above though.