Getting used to LPB - Help

this one is nice,but it takes some time to getting use to it.

before this beta i used bpm 215 speed 1

now i use 215 lpb 12

but i think i need someone to help me out abit

when i for exsample place a kick on 00,then it wont playback untill the "play-bar"reaches 12,and its the same for every sample,it only plays the sample back 12 "steps"lower than where the sample is placed?i guess thats normal because the lpb is 12.

or have i missed a setting for this somewhere?

An LBP of 12 makes an odd time signature.

(12 lines per beat… i.e. try clapping your hand 12 times and make a beat out of it, it ends up being like a waltz)

You will probably want a multiple of 4 to make “dance music” (4/8/16/32)

So, use LBP 16

Perhaps there is a plugin with latency causing this?
While renoise do have PDC now, the gui is not compensated.

i will try to set it to LPB 16

Wait, what? I re-read this and this doesn’t make sense.

Did you add a PDC delay (by accident) in the mixer view?

Try a different framerate setting if you are on windows?

But for what do you need such a high LPB value at all? For retriggers, FX automation?

the PDC is on,if thats what you mean??

the default framerate setting is 60(im on windows)

In the mixer view, on the right hand there is a new “delay” button. Enabling that button gives you a bunch of 0.00 ms boxes above each fader.

Maybe on the problem track it’s set to something higher, thus delaying the playback?

ahh yes,no its 0,00 in all tracks

Can you upload a demo XRNS of this problem? Sounds weird.

yes one moment,just need to restart onto my music partion

be right back

hers a link to the file

its probaly just something i have overlooked,and dont pay attention to the "track-mess"i have set up :D

Ok, so I tried this and it works fine for me. Everything triggers exactly as it should.

But, the reason it works fine is I have zero of these plug-ins.

So, you will have to put some effort and so some detective work for us to help here.

For example. Me, I had problems with a plug-in called Octave Shifter 2 AU. The problem was that the plug-in incorrectly gives out the right PDC info (i.e. the plug-in has a bug and has to be manually compensated). That resulted in every sample played through that plug-in to get a delay. And I had to manually compensate it by typing something like [-5.00ms] in that delay box.

So, with your test track. Start taking out plug-ins until you find the one that is buggy. Then you’ll know which one you have to fix yourself with the delay box.

Good luck.

EDIT: Also, unless you are making a track in 7/4 on purpose, you might want LBP 16 too. (and edit where your kicks/hits are happening accordingly)

hehe yes its my default set-up

thanx will try that tonight,and get back here,when i found out what plug-in causes this

thanx sofar for your help guys

An query-able online database of reported latencies might work too.

Optionally, change the pattern length from 100 to F0 and keep LBP 12, and you’ll have an “odd meter” to work with.

i found out what caused the “delay” it was the DDMF LP10 equalizer

now all works great

thanx for the help guys

I skipped a beat (no pun intended), but LPB is really awesome.
I’m a big huge giant fan.

I can sum it up like this really:

  1. Set the bpm you want
  2. Set the resolution you want

It’s so damn logical. I love it.

Only weird thing about it is retrigger behavior, which goes sort of mad and fluctuates a good bit.

But hey. LPB ftw.

Could you give us some more details about that?


This this is at 160bpm, 8lpb. 0E04, 0E03, 0E02, all fine. 0E01 it starts sounding like modem noise :)

Sample channels have a limited polyphony which outruns here. Let me see if I can make this sound a bit more smooth…