Ghost Notes

Can anyone please post a good example track where ghost notes in drum patterns are properly utilized? I am unsure how to do this correctly with renoise.
thanks :)

hi, first of all, I assume you have already checked the ghost notes tutorial song which is available in the “Songs” subfolder of your Renoise installation folder.

before posting any example song, which requires waiting for tonight when I will be able to create it, I firstly ask you if the “ghost note” term is confusing you, since “ghost note” is also a drumming technique name; in such case then no: Renoise ghost notes do not do what ghost notes on drums do.

Yes it was about the drumming technique.
I am a guitarist/bassist/drummer/composer but since my drummer moved away, I got only another guitarist/accordionist left for my live band (I make heavy use of looping pedals) and since long I’ve been interested in incorporating electronic elements in my music.
But I kind of struggle getting the beats I try to create in Renoise sounding right…
I wanted to add some ghost notes to make them sound jazzier, but I couldn’t figure out how.
Thanks anyways :)

there are several ways to achieve the drumming ghost notes sounding in Renoise anyway. if you are a registered user and then can access to Renoise2.0 beta version, you can already see a techique used in tutorial song “Tutorial - Delay Column (Humanize).xrns”

there, the 09xx command is used to reduce the attack of snare samples in order to give less accent. By using higher values for command 09xx, you can achieve quite realistic drumming ghost notes.