Ghost Road

Hey guys,

I’ve made a new not very entertaining song. For the last year or two I’ve been trying to focus on bettering my mixing, but I’m still not super satisfied so I really appreciate any comments about it. Thx!

Good job, Garf! I like the oldschool synth style you chose. :) For the mixing… well, not easy. Actually I like the punchy drums. But on the other hand I think they’re too present, pushing your actual “stars” (your synths) into the background. This IMO goes specially for the snare. And I’d looove to hear some jarresque background FX in this track.

Agree with Bit_Arts on the snare thing. Otherwise, it’s solid sounding

I think the snare only sounds so loud because the bass and bassdrum both aren’t sounding at that moment. Specially when only the percussion sounds solo, i don’t notice too much substiancial push of the snare.
I would first try if bringing down the overal volume of the percussion would suffice.

If I were you, during the 1:32 - 1:48 I’d clone the synthtrack with a new vst-instrument + make small notevariations on this new track… would make the middlepart sound a bit more majestic. Guys commented about drums, snare sounding too loud didn’t bother me as much as the drumbeat in general which keeps on going all through the song without changing or stopping much. All in all a very enjoyable piece, well done mate.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, very appreciated!

I just had a listen to it with all yours feedback in mind, and I can only agree to what you all says, which is to bring the synth in focus and reduce what’s detracting to it which is probably too much high end or volume on the drums/snare, so I’ll try tame the snare volume and when the synths are playing I guess I could even automate rolling off a bit of the drums top end so there’s better room for the synth and I’ll try spice up the the lead a bit. Thank you!

Here’s a new version. There’s no radical changes it’s all very subtle, but the lead has been mixed with a trumpet with most of it’s meat EQ’ed out… After listening to it again I realize I probably turned the snare up too much in the end again :unsure: but at least it’s a bit EQed down and when the lead plays even more top end is filtered out of the entire drum bus, and I’ve made some tiny changes to the drum tracks.

To me the drums sound better now, but still a kind of separated (too dry) from the other parts. I’d try to put a huge reverb and/or synced delay on every 2nd snare hit. In best case a reverb or delay you already use on some other instrument, so it sounds more integrated.

What everyone else said: great track, but there’s something not quite right about the drums; they seem to be too front-and-centre – a hint of reverb or something to spread them out in the mix would work wonders.

Wow Bit Arts, vV and elbiggus - I think you’ve got some great ears, I’ve actually removed a delay that was running more wet in the solo parts and probably caused the kick to multiply, so I bet I now need to put some reverb on it instead as Bit_Arts suggest.

Thanks a bunch guys. Cheers!