Ginnels Of Your Mind

My first tune with the paid version of Renoise.

This poor Megadrive VST took a major battering. I lost count of how many LFOs it took to make those autechral FM sounds. @dblue may notice some familiar processing on those bits too.

Lots of mAYbe commands on the hihats and FM bits. I also enjoyed applying some subtle LFOs to the snare’s amp envelope and pitch.

Lots of outboard gear as usual. I need to take a photo of my Odyssey before I change the patch.

Thanks for listening.

Yeah, really cool tune. You should be pleased. What were you using prior to Renoise? What do you like about Renoise, and how has it helped your creative process?

I hope I’ll follow in your footsteps and be brave enough to post a tune here one day (I’ve not really finished anything yet - I’m not exactly a completer/finisher!).

EDIT: Love your avatar as well. I’m hoping to have a play with Goattracker sometime, to get some bits of tunes together to play back on my C128 and then sample into Renoise.

I’d also be interested to know more about how you work your outboard into your Renoise workflow. Do you sample snippets from them or record whole ‘tracks’? Do you use auto seek?

Apologies for all the questions. I have a few synths myself but not got completely comfortable with using them with Renoise yet, so always interested to know how other people use the.

nice rythm and sound selection. :slight_smile: