Giorgio Moroder influenced track "Not so Bright"

I was listening to the B-side of “never ending story” 45rpm single by Limahl (Let’s face it, it’s basically just Giorgio Moroder with a young fella as a singer) which I think was called Ivory Tower, and I loved the vibe, but it was too positive for me, so I blended the feeling I was getting from listening to it when I was a kid, with a pretty depressing set of lyrics I wrote about facing an ever-shrinking future when compared to how it seemed when I first heard this in 1985.

Made with Renoise 3.2.2 on Ubuntu Linux.


Every track better and better!!Tell me what vocoder are you using is it hardware or software?

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Thanks man!

I’m using the TAL Vocoder (VST) which is modeled on the sound of the early 80s vocoders (I was lucky enough to tinker with I think a Roland at one point 20 years ago that this sounds a lot like) but has a deceptively huge amount of range when you spend time with it. I’ve tried quite a few, but this one shines in the sound I’m looking for with that crunchiness that isn’t quite perfect. Being that I’m in Linux-land I use the linvst converter to allow me to use windows based VSTs.

I process it a little with EQ and compression to get it even (it can be wildly unpredictable) and tune the built in carrier generator with noise to get the breathy sound I want. I also sometimes use external synths to drive the carrier for more crunch.

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Thanks i also use linvst with great results, tal vocoder looks nice and i am gonna give it a try although i have never used a vocoder before.

I just grabbed the tal vocoder and I’m having trouble getting it to work in the mode where you use the built in sounds. I can’t quite figure out how to set it up. I have no problems when I want to use my own synth sounds and use a track group with and pan the voice and pan the synth. But for the life of me I can’t get the built in vocoder sounds to work. Could you describe your vocoder track setup for me? Thanks and sorry to hijack the thread!

Sick track also!