Give Me A Foolproof Way To Make A Smooth Loop

Somehow im deprimized!

Yesterday i handled around 3 hours to get a ‘non-popable’ loop on a Violine-sample. It didnt matter where
i put’ed the loop points, i n-e-v-e-r found any point , without the crackle at that point itself.

I also tried to crossfade the region, but now i have a crackle at then start AND then endpoint of the loop.

Maybe I’m dumb, i simply cant get it to work.

Help me please. Can it be done with renoise, or do i have to use any 3rd program for it ?

Looping stereo samples can be bitch if the samples are not made for looping in first place. I would recommend you to convert the sample to mono. And loop this.

If you are feeling experimental and the sample is singleshot. You can loop both stereo tracks separately, play them together on renoise track and render this to sample thus giving you longer sample. If you are not intending to distribute the XRNS’s then the size doesn’t matter that much. And either way renoise compresses samples.

There is no foolproof way.
But a Violin sample should be quite easy to loop using some crossfade.

I use Adobe audition for this (AA v1.5 as v2.0 and 3.0 have a loop bug).

In adobe audition you use multitrack view and add the sample there, then simply copy a part of the sample rather early after the attack, set a marker where this part end, then move this part to a new track and move it to towards the end of the original sample to a point just before the sample start to decay. Then crossfade manually this moved part with the corresponding range in the original sample using volume envelopes. Delete what is left after the moved part on the original sample. The snap settings in AA will make sure you cut precisely.
Do a mixdown, the marker you set earlier indicate the loop start point.
That’s it. Either use the AA ‘wave properties’ to set the loop in sample before you save it, or just copy the looped part to renoise using windows clipboard. Enable forward loop in the pasted part in renoise, then copy the attack of the sample and paste in before the loop.

There is no automatic way to make perfect loops. And some samples can never be looped at all.
If you post the violin sample I can loop it for you.

This method is great to make a smooth loop but you need some kind of audio editor such as audacity or protools.

Get your sample and cut it straight in the middle so that it’s two separate sounds.

Move the second block of sound (the one on the right), to the start of the composition.
Then move the first sound (on the left) to the end of the composition so that they slightly overlap.

Essentially you’ll have the start of the original loop overlapped with with the end of it.

Cross fade between these and you should have a smooth loop.

Let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense, I might need to upload pictures.