Give me some math

I used to be obsessed with the idea of using math in music. I’ve found that there are a ton of ways to use it ,especially in renoise. I even got to the point of tuning songs BPM to note frequencies. It’s been a while since i’ve been on math while making music and i’m trying to get back into it. What are some of the ways you use math?

Solve for the area under an amen break. Multiply by the amplitude of the bassline, and add the sum of the hi hats. Divide by number of speakers on the dancefloor. Q.E.D.

you will love the “FormulaMetaDevice”. its not official. but you can see an example of it here Inertial Slider

Make songs out of Overtune instruments (formulas)

Damn, suddenly I wish I did maths A level.

my math sucks pretty hard, but now after a few years i finaaly decided to delve deeper into reaktor core …so I really hvae to sharpen up the math .

Besides ,some basic math are required when using just the primary modules …anyway

I’ve been getting a kick out of the bytebeat concept. I love the raw minimalism of the sound and notation and how it eliminates the separation between sound and music.

I have a crude (but cool) app on my phone that I’ve been using called Droidbeat that I fiddle with. Haven’t come up with anything good enough to share yet, but I’m learning.

I had the thought in the back of my head that it would be fun to put a bytebeat environment together to use in renoise, either as a lua script or as a vst. The only downside of a lua script is the realtime feedback / livecoding aspect might not be doable.

I’m planning to do a video class or web page tutorial or something in that though