Giveaway: Coupon Code: 30 Eur/50 Usd Rebate For Ableton/Live/Suite Int

Hi there,

this is a coupon code for a 30 EUR / 50 USD rebate when buying any of these three Ableton products:
Ableton Live 8
Ableton Live Intro
Ableton Suite 8

For more info check - I will send the code to the first replyer who is interested. :rolleyes:

Take care!

same here.


I am interested! :slight_smile:

…I sent you the coupon code via PM. Enjoy. :lol:

I think you can post it.
Coupon codes usually are reusable for a period of time.

…not sure about this one since it’s very individualized like a serial number. Nothing like “Korg31”.
(and I don’t want to risk invalidating the code for Jjimmy. ;) - he could post it after buying though…)

Let’s allow jimmy to declarate the coupon and let him decide to publish it or not when he’s done.
I don’t know how much serialized it is.