Giving focus back to Renoise

After rendering a song, the only way to give back to Renoise is clicking on the taskbar. 9/10 times when I want to give focus to an application, I click on that application so Windows pulls it in front right? This doesn’t work during or after rendering a song. Only the render to disk dialog box works and the taskbar.

So, to summarize the expected behavior:
1)Render a song
2)Put windows in front of Renoise (a browser, for example) in a way that part of the Renoise window is visible behind the browser
3)Click on the Renoise window
4)Nothing happens

Tested 3.4.3 and previous version on Windows 10 64bit

So what’s the problem? Can’t remember that it has been different regardless of the Renoise version. As long as the “Render To Disk” window is opened, and that’s always the case after rendering, the main window of Renoise is deactivated. You will have to click on the Renoise symbol in the task bar to bring it in front, and you will have to close the “Render To Disk” window first. Once you’ve done that everything behaves normal again.

The Render dialog is a modal window. My understanding is that if you have some other app window partly obscuring Renoise and click on, say, the top frame of Renoise, the modal window is still blocking clicks so there’s no response. This is a Windows thing (for modal dialog windows).

When I click on the Renoise item in the task bar, though, Renoise comes right to the front, with the modal Render dialog right there.

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Yeah what you described is the problem. Guess ymmv :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation. In that case my suggestion would be to change it to a regular window.

I’m fairly sure this is done intentionally.

While it is possible to remove the modal attribute for the toplevel window, doing so would likely require removing a huge (ever changing) list of ‘bindings’ within the ‘mainwindow’ as they may trigger functions that can disrupt the process of ‘rendering to wav’… then re-binding those ‘callbacks’ after the render.

Seems that using the ‘taskbar’ to raise the application is the correct method here.