Glad Midsommar (Midsummer'S Eve) 2 All Of Y'All Xd

have a good one! i know i will! (((=






lol @ silly “auto cap every first letter in the topic” function

2 days too late mate. Although with solstice being the 21st think midsummer being the 24th is always a bit odd though.

heh, i though this topic was about a second “mid summer dream” album by ochre… :w00t:

oh well…

sorry to disappoint! :>

kazakore: oh, i wouldn’t know about that.

it was a really good one!

Lite sent, men glad midsommar själv, du! B)

COOLT !! Jag trodde jag var den ända svensken här, GLAD MIDSOMMAR (i efterskott) eng: COOL !! I thought i was the only swede here HAPPY MIDSUMMER EVE In retrospect :w00t: :lol: :guitar:

No there are a couple of swedes here :)
I haven’t seen the same nicks here but there are a couple of Renoise’ers at as well.

Glad Midsommar aka “the day when the liver gets a real workout” :D

sup y’all!

ah, but don’t forget that other countries celebrate it as well! (= actually met a finn at this year’s party and he claimed that the finns celebrate it for three days in a row!!

so, i assume some finns will come around to this thread any day now when they’ve sobered up lol!

Yep, the finns will probably beat us in this contest :)