Gleetchlab 2021

I just found this piece of software, and thought fellow Renoisers might also dig it. It’s like a DAW without a timeline or sequencer. So far I’ve managed to make some interesting textures from existing samples, which I then import into Renoise, so I’m not really using the "DAW"capabilities yet, but I can see how it could be used to create a while track. It’s a lot of fun! Enjoy


Yep, it’s great stuff - I keep begging for some of the sampler’s granular/glitch features for renoise, so I can just work with Renoise alone - which I already do, without the fun microsound/granular stuff.

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Oh yeah, Renoise with granular synth capabilities would be a lethal combo!

Since you seem more familiar with this than I am, do you connect Gleetchlab to Renoise in any way? I imagine either audio or MIDI is possible. Just wondering if you have any experience with this and if you have any workflow tips for using both at the same time.

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I never have, don’t like using external apps with Renoise (or even plugins!). Gleetchlab is a DAW unto itself anyway - great for abstract electronics, wish I could tell you more.

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