Glide (05xx) + Note Off = Unexpected Results

i’ve recently descovered the virtues of renoise, having been an old skool ft2’er many years ago… one of the first things i decided to do was to play around with an old mod.

in this mod i have an instrument which has an ft2 envelope with a loop and a systain point.

I use this instrument in a track with a glide comnmand on it, as i want to hear the filter sweep on the sample as notes are played throughout the pattern(s). I also have note off commands used on this sample.

it all sounded okay, at first. but in renoise the sample is being retriggered from the start when it comes to a note with a glide command on it. this is only when i’ve done a note off on the previous note. If i do no note off it works fine, but then of course, i lose my envelope abilities.

in ft2 it whould continue playing the note at the point it was at.

a ) does that make sense?
b ) is this intended behaviour?
c ) if the answer to b is yes is there another way round doing what i want to do?

This is off topic, but, is this who I think it is? If so, oi oi! I’ve been trying to track you down for a while.

yes, probably. :slight_smile:
unless you’re a different dblue, who knows a different jrb. but what’re the chances? i hear you’re back from mexico. :)

Drop me a line and gimme some contact details. I won’t put my email on here out in the open, but you can reach me through the contact form on my site.

similar problems are all related to one problem:

when insturment number of a note is not specified, the instrument should not be retriggered, while in ReNoise it is retriggered.

This problem has been already reported and has been taken into account, and I will try to get attention of the developers high on this, so that it can be fixed in the next version

thanks for the nod towards what’s causing the problem. in the context of remastering this particular song it’s not that much of an issue. i can just grab a sample of the extended loop in ft2 (although damn that timing bug!) or skale… and i’ll look out for a fix in an upcoming version.

i’ve already purchased rn1.5 full, so for the time being at least i’ll be playing around with the package. :slight_smile: