Glide Command Improvement

Greetings to Renoise team!

The Glide command sucks a little. Wouldn’t it be better to do it this way:

G itself always glides towards the given note to the end, no matter how many semitones and stuff; and the number means how fast or where the glide starts: G00 might start it just in the very last moment (like now), GFF might do it from the very previous note (no matter how many lines between them), and values in between might start it just between the two notes (no matter how many lines find themselves from the first note to the given one).


Artur :walkman:

I guess this could also be described as constant time vs. constant speed - currently, we have constant speed.
I wouldn’t like the Gxx command to change, as constant speed is definitely useful as it is, and you would break a lot of peoples songs (or force us to “upgrade” them). But of course, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t invent an additional glide command with constant time.

G00 might start it just in the very last moment (like now)

Not entirely sure I understand what you mean… currently, entering G followed by two zeroes will repeat the last glide command in which an actual value (xx) was also specified. So, G50 followed by a number of G00 commands will be the same as a number of G50 commands…

That “like now” refers to the “the very last moment” phrase: if I get it correctly, the present glide command (and, yeah, you’re right about its peculiar character and usefulness; I just find it a little complex) starts the glide just about the time when a given note enters.


Artur :walkman: