Glide FX Command: how to glide between separate samples?

(I am using Redux)

I think I have a good grasp on how the Gxx command functions. If I have a single sample/instrument I can write in individual notes or chords based off that one sample/instrument and Glide behaves exactly how I would expect it to behave.

The problem for me right now is in trying to use Gxx from one sample to another. Example: I have a Cm chord that I sampled from a synth. This is assigned to C-3. I also have an Fmaj chord sampled from the same synth, assigned to F-3.

I have included 4 ghost Samples in-between to allow for the 5-semitone jump from C to F so I can glide all the way from the Cm chord sample to the F chord sample.

So again, we have a Cm synth sample at C-3, and an Fmaj synth sample at F-3. I write the Gxx commands starting at the line where the F-3 note is written (G10, G00, G00, G00, G00).

The result: Redux successfully glides across all 5 semitones, but it only affects the original C-3 sample (which is the Cm synth chord). So it glides this chord to result in hearing Fm.

If anyone understood this, how can I get the glide to go from one sampled chord to another sampled chord by using Gxx?


I think the answer is: Glide only works on a single sample at a time. You cannot glide between separate samples.

Maybe I’m missing something, but how would it glide from one sample to another? When and how would it transition?

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Well, no, I think it is I who is missing something here.

But to answer your hypothetical, the pitch from one sample could glide into the new pitch of another sample (since they are at different pitches).

Oh, what a wonderful world that would be. But I think the solution is to use slices (for the different chords) on one sample to get the glide control I’m after.

Edit: no - that doesn’t work either. Because the slices are turned into separate samples. So the only way to get Glide (Gxx) command to work as intended on chords is to make those chords from one single sample and write them in the pattern/phrase editor. hmmm. Damn!

Right. Renoise doesn’t know or care what pitch/chord its samples are, or even what the samples are composed of. You map them to keys but that’s basically just metadata to make it easier to write music with them. What you’re dreaming of reminds me of what Melodyne attempts to do.

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you could kind of “fake” it…

starting the 2nd sample in another row, with pitch of first sample, and set silent, and then resetting volume and gliding into second pitch when the 1st sample’s note ends

is a little manual work to program it though. and there will be a little sample offset as the 2nd sample has to be started before the actual glide command.

good ideas. I see what you mean.

For the time being, I think my best bet is to use pitch modulation adsr to program my glide between changing samples and pitches.