is there a simpler way to do this than 01xy, 02xy, or 05xy?

01 and 02 are straightforward, but arent incredibly intuitive. i can move the note around, but i want to smoothly go from say, a C4 to a G4, for instance. its tough to get it the timing and the intervals all working together this way, it seems.

i cant get 05xy to work at all :( i just dont understand. ive read the tutorial, but this section of it is kinda thin.

they quit teaching “new math” by the time i was in school :lol:

any advice is appreciated. thanks!

05xy works just like 01xy, but stops working when the new note has been reached:

C-3 01
G-3 01 0510

(0500 will apply 0510, since 10 is the last specified value in the column)

you can add as many 0500 as you want, but the command will stop working when the pitch of the C-3 has glided to G-3.

Using 0520 will raise the pitch twice faster.

The values to use are described here

a ha. i see.

i was trying to put the 05xy on the C, before the G. that makes more sense logically, until i thought about how portamento on an actual keyboard worked. of course the note doesnt start gliding until you hit another key.