Glide sends sample into silence very quickly

Hello. Hopefully I’m understanding glide correctly, but perhaps not. I assume the GXX command should transition between notes on a sample, and it does do that. But within several steps (4-8), the sample goes silent. Almost like it glides past the note and into nothingness. It’s happened with large XX values (80) and smaller values (20). What am I missing?

It’s possible that if you’re gliding the note up, you’re also increasing the speed of the sample itself, so it will end earlier than at its base pitch. You’ll want to set a loop point to allow the sample to sustain.

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Looping definitely fixed my issue! I’m not sure what the issue is though, it does the same thing when going down to a lower note as well.

That’s odd. Are you time-stretching the sample? Glad you got it to work anyway.