Glide to a note in a given number of steps

Hi. I’ve read as many articles as I can find but no answers, so posting here. I want to glide a note a full octave in 64 steps. I could do this in Octamed but 25 years later can’t figure out how to do it in Renoise! I’ve tried G and U commands but there’s no interpolate option and I’m giving up on trial and error now. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Not sure(?)
octave64.xrns (4.7 KB)

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Sample or VST?

If sample read this, the Gxx is what you need, but you will have to use some maths to calculate the right distances regarding to your desired sliding in 64 positions of one ocatve or 12 semitones.

If VST you have several options:MIDI Commands (pitch bend), Instrument MIDI Control (pitch bend) or Instrument Automation (your VST needs pitch and/or portamento). In this case I would probably use pitch bend with Instrument MIDI Control.

Gliding a sample

That sure is a nice squarewave!
(Just realized I’ve got a AKWF Chips folder …sweet!).

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