Glitch 2 setup / workflow


Would someone be kind and explain to a Renoise newb how to setup the Glitch 2 plugin alias on a group of tracks? Im also interested to hear if any Glitch 2 users have any paticular workflow tricks that they would like to share?


Here’s a very quick demo showing Glitch 2.1.0 (using the VST version) on a Renoise group track, with an FX alias instrument playing some notes to trigger scene changes.

5684 dblue-2015-06-09-glitch2-renoise-demo.xrns

Glitch’s trigger mode has been set to “Gate”, so that it will only play when the MIDI notes are triggered in the pattern.

PS. You can always come to me directly if you’re a licensed user (or a demo user, of course) who needs some support:

Thank you so much dblue! I’ll try it out the file tomorrow. Im using the demo but im gonna buy Glitch 2 this month!