Glitch [dot] cool

I have started this topic to discuss Glitch [dot] cool of which i am a co-founder…
Glitch[dot]cool is a collective of producers, sound designers, programmers, and visual artists orbiting the glitch aesthetic, founded in 2019.
we are a collectively operated publishing platform, releasing sample packs, albums, and educational content.
we seek to promote and encourage the development of burgeoning fields at the intersection of technology and the arts.
we also run a large discord server with an active community of audiovisual creatives and a focus on education, collaboration, and camaraderie.

Glitch [dot] cool is not exclusively renoise based, it includes some users such as myself and I think it may be a good resource and something some of you may be interested in.

Discord: [this link may expire, please message me or reply here for an invite]


Very, ahem, cool : )

I did some glitch stuff in the video for my song “TR3” (done in Renoise)

as well as a track released as Neurogami, “A Temporary Lattice”

Both videos were done using Renoise to send MIDI commands to a custom Processing sketch that loaded animated GIFs based on note values.


Interesting site, smart sound tales and too stylish graphics. :wink:
I`ll definately have a closer look into it.

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