[Glitch/Idm/Something] Einoma - Castle Unseen Rmx


did something today with a bunch of samples that have been collecting dust for far too long.

nukfuts. lovely… replay


the sound at 2:24 sounds familiar. I’ve heard it in more tracks before, and I think I also heard it on The Gasman’s album The Grand Electric Palace Of Variety…
what is it? :P

cheers for the listens! :)

what sound @ 2.24, can you be more specific? Don’t think you mean the 606 crash cymbal :)

Lol no not the crash. This one:

it is a breakbeat run through Ohmicide distortion plugin. Do you have a link to the gasman track?

Not easy searching in a 34 track album, but I got it!

(It starts at a minute in, and then it’s pretty much all over it…)
The sound just has a similar feeling. Meh nvm. :P

Thnx for the Sherlock Holmes work :) that cabinet sound is pretty common in most distortion devices, I bet you can get similar sounding results using renoises cabinet simulator.

Hell great track, high pitches and beat nice combination i feel its surrounding me.

Thanks for sharing this great piece (Y)

thnx guys! :D