Glitch Sounds

does anyone know of a good “glitch” and “blips” and “crackles” and “noises” sample cd? (no i dont want to create them for myself) maybe a standard reference - a basic library with single sounds and no fukin loops?

hehe :wink:

edit: forget it, i found exactly what im looking for!

Cool, what was it?

Help future forum-searchers out and tell us what you found, please.

(I’m always interested in good glitch sound sources.)

I prefer to create my own glitch samples , but a said above it would be good to know where you found these samples… thanks :)/>

( Im thinking of creating a load of glitchy type samples and throwing them up on freesound )

mkdir ~/Desktop/Glitch-samples … there i have started already :w00t:

Renoise can load raw data files as sounds, open up pictures, programs etc and get instant glitch.