Glitch2 - Assorted Presets and VST Hacking Video in 2 parts

Hi all,

I’ve created a bunch of banks for illformed Glitch2 and made them available on my site at Soundgasm:
Glitch2 - Assorted Presets

Here are also a few YouTube videos (the beginning of my VST Hacking series) in 2 parts going over the entire plug-in and the presets:
VST Hacking #1 - Glitch2 Part 1
VST Hacking #1 - Glitch2 Part 2

Check it out and let me know what ya think.


+1 for Detroit. Funk yes, Washington. D.C. of techno nation! Video useful look at glitch2, too.

Thanks! :)

Excellent work! :]

Thanks dblue! Huge fan of your plug-in (goes without saying but wanted to say anyway).