Glitches In Audio Output With Jack2 On Linux

When using Renoise with JACK2 (aka jackdmp, aka JACK 1.9.6), I have lots of glitches in audio output. The only way to get rid of them is switching “Realtime audio CPUs” parameter to 1.

I think this problem has something to do with JACK’s own multicore support (JACK2 can execute clients in parallel). But is there a way to use Renoise with JACK2 and 2 CPUs? Thanks!

What soundcard do you have and how are your buffer-settings?
These have to do with how Jack responds.
Does Jack 1 responds normally or you didn’t tried?
Have you tried mangling with the buffers/period options in jack?

Jack1 worked very flawlessly on the same hardware: Athlon64x2, Echo Audiofire2. I usually run JACK with -n3 and -p128/-p256 (CPU frequency scaling disabled). But I will try to increase buffers later and see if that helps…

I have Jack2 (v1.9.5) running in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.
I have no problems at all.

Using multiple CPUs in Jack and also in Renoise will both make fight about the cores. This will do nothing better performance wise - in contrary. So either disable the multi core support in Renoise or in Jack:

If you are running a lot of apps at once via jack, and are not doing CPU heavy stuff in Renoise, then using multicore support in Jack will perform better. If you want to assign most of the CPU power to Renoise, then use multiple cores in Renoise and disable the multi core support in Jack…