I really like sample manipulations and I was looking at the videos of their tools when I realized one thing.

This is mostly what Renoise Phrases are for.

So if any of you happens to be inspired by the kind of sound they promote. I encourage you to dig for samples and do it all in Renoise because in the end it’s all about which sample you use.

I know this is obvious to probably most of us but I thought I’d open this discussion because of how each tool is promoted.

When you check out the stuff GlitchMachines make, they have a conceptual image that reflects each tool or sample pack and they only push this kind of aesthetics / sounds.

Meanwhile Renoise is much more general but in the end, the similaries between a tool like Polygon and the Renoise phrases are quite big. The LFOs, Envelopes and handling multiples samples at once.

Renoise has been built for intense sample manipulation forever, glitch machines were redundant before phrases :slight_smile:

I still use Glitch sometimes in FL

I agree… but the phrases offer the kind of layering that pushes it.

I know many first reactions to the phrases is that it’s redundant too but I find it so powerful to save more stuff in a .xrni.