Global Editstep And Play Notes While Scrolling

Let me first say again, I love this program! Thank you for making such a great program possible! :)

There are some options that would make it easier for me to use, being a former med soundstudio user:

I would love to see a global editstep option (so I can still skip however many lines I want when I scroll up and down through the block with cursor keys), and an option to play the line (like when hitting enter) when I’m actually entering a note and also when I’m just scrolling through the song with the cursor keys–the equivalent to the “play notes while scrolling” option in Med Soundstudio.

If there are already options for this and I just haven’t found them yet, I apologize for this post.

Hold enter to play notes and scroll down.

Of course the enter key plays the current line. Let me clarify, in case other people were confused as well:

When you enter a note, you do not hear the other notes on that line at the same time as you’re entering the note like you do when you push enter. It is not, to my knowledge (again, please correct me if I’m wrong), an option that is in the program–I can sort-of simulate it by setting the editstep for 0 and hitting enter and the note simultaneously, resulting in hearing the note doubled and, well, the negative things attatched with editstep being set at 0.

You also cannot hear the song when scrolling backwards without very quick fingers :) . The ability to do this is something that can be handy when making a difficult and complex progression.

----What I’m talking about is an option that makes it so any scrolling movement in the song for any reason results in hearing the notes that are currently in that line/row, like when you push enter, and an option that makes editstep affect up and down cursor.

My comments are not meant to degrade Renoise–I think it is the best tracker available, and all of the options I’ve used so far that it does have work as flawlessly as is possible or at least as I’ve ever seen. I’m just saying it would be cool to see these new options.

Noone thought that you want to degrade Renoise. You are just thowing out an idea or feature that you are missing.

So if you enter a note and have an editstep of 1, you want to hear the entered note plus all the notes of all tracks from the next line ?
Or do you want to hear the entered note plus all the notes of the current line and the jump to the next line ?

I simply might also take a look at MED if you just miss MED`s behaviour to see what you mean …

It would be the second example: when the song scrolls (1 or however many lines are set in editstep) from playing a note, it would play the sounds from that current line, the same as if I had pushed enter on the line only I would also be hearing the note I’m currently entering along with it. Also to be able to hear the notes the same way as when pushing enter when just scrolling through the song with the cursor keys would be cool.

Making editstep have the option to skip lines when using the cursor keys to scroll would also be cool.

Anything further on this? This is still an option I miss terribly. It’d be nice to enter notes (while not actually playing the song) and be able to hear what the music in the background is doing at the same time.

Also, having an option to where when I hit the up or down cursor keys, they can have the values of the editstep–this way if I’m entering notes while using editstep and I mess up on the note I’m entering, I don’t have to hit up arrow 2 or 4 or 8 times to get back to the note I messed up on–it’d be nice to just be able to hit up arrow ONCE and be back to the note I messed up on, like using the backspace key when typing whenever a typo is made.

Another option in this same realm that would be nice is something where when I’m using editstep, when I’ve entered notes, anything between those notes can get automatically erased.

Already possible, check your keyboard config. Default=ctrl+shift+%arrow%

I had forgotten about that, however, a checkbox to toggle this behavior would still be really great.

You have requested coloured icons because renoise interface is cluttered yet want more buttons and checkboxes. How does that fit?

I request colored icons so people can find things easier, as a colored scheme is easier to find things than a monocrhome scheme. This option I’m talking about could be somewhere in the preferences menu–it doesn’t have to be cluttering up the main interface.

Okay, I get it. But basically this option is there for those who dare to ask here or are willing to dig deeper into their software. I personally don’t see requirement for checkbox as one can configure the keys as one likes.

If it would be option to hear the notes when scrolling down then would it be sensible to make scrolling speed same as play speed when holding arrow down so it would be possible to quickly play back the song to hear f.ex what some small piece sounds like.

Btw. is there “jump to play line”-key?

Whether or not adding a checkbox for such option is generally useful.
Taktik is not fund of adding loads of separate options for minor routine-behaviory which are not dominantly appearing yet non-customizable.
A good example was the ALT-drag option where the behavior was irritating… you had to wait 30 msecs before you could drag at the beginning and this behavior was changed in a later build to instant drag which was getting most even more on their nerves. A compromise toggle had to be added for that.

Try doublepressing the “scrollock” key.