Global MIDI volume/velocity

I can’t seem to change the ‘global’ volume (or velocity) for a MIDI instrument!

Not all instruments on my devices are balanced the way I like them to be, so it would be nice if some sort of slider was available at the Instrument settings panel. Just like “Sample properties::Amplify” and “VstInstrument::Amplify”

Or did I miss something? :unsure:

do you have a MIDI keyboard or something like that?

about the volume:

if the answer is “yes”, try this:
put ReNoise in edit mode (with the coloured frame around the pattern), put the cursor over a track and move the volume sliders of your MIDI keyboard: if the keyboard is configured to be the MIDI in device for ReNoise, the program should receive a MIDI command and put it on the column: now move the slider to all its extents so you can see which are the lowest and highest values.

now you just have to emulate this behaviour by hand (or you could even use the volume slider of your keyboard each time…!)

about the velocity:
can’t help you, but the process could be similar

Ah, so you say putting a CC13 (that’s MIDI volume, right?) effect into the effects-column does the trick?

I’ll try that when I get home! :)