Global Option to change slider and box value drag speed

When using the trackpad on my macbook I find the sliders in Renoise to be way too sticky, would be great if there was a global option change the drag responsiveness of sliders and value boxes that allow up/down dragging (like the volume box of an instrument).

Can you adjust the latency of the trackpad responsiveness?

yes, but it’s already almost at max :slight_smile:

side note: I once reported a bug to bitwig, because I had the same issue, turned out there was a scaling bug that nobody ever noticed so dragging sliders was half as slow as on windows.

Almost at max! Well, sounds like a large value.
Can you set the value even larger? Because if it’s under 200 msec, then it won’t function, also a very big problem on touch interfaces, you would double click on accident.

would do no good. the problem is once you click and hold on a slider and move it, it doesn’t move at mouse speed while the mouse/trackpad button is being held, but like 3-4 times slower. it would be nice to be able to adjust this speed (when sliders are held and dragged)

that click would go at the responsiveness speed. If you keep touching the interface for (that responsiveness speed) it would register a click. It is also related to the touch interface preciseness when you exactly register a value onscreen.

Are you using a stylus? A small object to touch the screen will greatly improve usage of a touch interface.

And maybe that’s why they call it a scratchpad… because these touch-screens will get scratches from the touching stylus…

Hey EatMe, I think you misunderstand. I’m not using a touchscreen, I am using a Macbook Pro and I’m talking about simple Laptop trackpad.

Oh that is a touch interface but then even smaller.