Global Producer Challenge 2021


Beatport, Loopcloud, Beatsource, LabelRadar and Plugin Boutique have joined together to createthe biggest producer challenge of 2021.

Covering a world of sound, producers can enter tracks that span across Techno, House, Drum and Bass, Mainstage/EDM, Hip Hop & Trap, and Reggaeton to be in with a chance of winning a record release and a prize pool worth over $100,000.

Every entrant can take advantage of free plugins, sounds, music courses and DJ services with the exclusive Global Producer Challenge Participants Pack.

Link to the competition is below.


Nice, might try the drum and bass one, its always a good exercise…


Excuse the pun but i am always a bit sceptical whenever there is the word ‘producer’ involved.

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I think producer is now mostly used for naming a composer into EDM genres? That seems ok for me.

The real challenge in music is to have the ears and brain to guess the technics of other producers…and to bring the next thing from ourselves

This is what i mean :

a couple of years ago some hipsters decided that the term “Composer” was no longer cool enough and substituted the term “Producer” for it.
Even though those words are not interchangeable. A producer is something else.
And kids today think everyone is a “Producer”.
Before that everyone was a “DJ”.

But hell, this should get its own thread to rant on.


I fully agree with you. It is like mixing and mastering terms…

Is there a word to define a person who compose,mix an master?:roll_eyes:

An “Engineer-composer”?

I’m a music creation hobbyist, so I would call myself a “creator”. :wink:

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Hi. Does anyone know if you HAVE TO register and download the Loopcloud pack in order to enter? I really want to simply enter the comp without signing up to stuff I don’t really want. Thanks.

looks like it… also it forces me to sign up for a trial and im not getting my confirmation email… might skip this one.

Sorry. Unfortunately, I just resent the challenge invitation but will not participate. I cannot help you.

Hmmmm, thanks - I didn’t get a confirmation email either. The communication side of it seems poor. Looks to me like a big sell on the subscription services, which is a shame.

Contact loopmasters support if you really want to enter, it’s pretty helpful

Ok, I will. Thanks for the advice.