Global Tune

I’ve come to known that 432 Hz for A note is more harmonic scale than 440 Hz. Listen to this song for example, it’s soft and harmonic:

432 Hz scale resonates with your body better than normal 440 Hz scale. Is it possible to add global tune for Renoise that works with samples and VSTIs.

Here’s a page for more information. I know it sounds a bit new age stuff:

I think it would be a troublesome feature, atleast with VST-instruments it probably wouldn’t work.

Here’s a solution if you have finished a track and want to change it to “432 hz-scale”.
Then in Sound Forge, go Process > Resample, select the "Resample to 44100 preset and select the highest interpolation accuracy. Press OK, and when it’s done, save to wav.

Now you will have a 44.1 kHz wav-file with the music in 130 BPM and the A-key in “432 hz-scale”.

Wow. A troll on the renoise forums. First time for me.

I’d love to see that, even if it only works for sample based instruments… but not if it wasn’t automatibilitized :D

Sound healing? Resonates with your body?

That sound like humbug to me.

That not to say i’m “against” having another basenote than 440A .p

432 a more harmonic scale than 440?

That’s is complete bullshit!! :P

I’m doing a three year education for piano-tuning so I learn a lot about tuning and about harmonic scales and stuff and the 432 scale is just as in-harmonic as 440 or 438 or 442 scale.

Don’t believe stuff you read on the internet.

brain explodes

This is more comprehensibly discussed at modplug forums.

Being ignorant is not a bliss. There is thing called vibration and your body has also vibration. If your body has not vibration in balance it causes a disease. There is certain feel of vibration in live baroque music and that is because the tuning is not digital 440 Hz that gives unnatural vibration. There was a change in music pitch which was a political decision made in 1939 and there was a protest against it made by 23,000 french musicians.

Please see the video in full:

Whether or not this is old topic I do not care. If there is anybody who cares about how music resonates and causes a good feeling or a bad feeling there is a causation made by certain tuning. It is human science not bullshit. If there is someone saying it is bullshit it is because one is ignorant or has only limited view of this world or history of arts.