Global Tune

I’ve come to known that 432 Hz for A note is more harmonic scale than 440 Hz. Listen to this song for example, it’s soft and harmonic:

432 Hz scale resonates with your body better than normal 440 Hz scale. Is it possible to add global tune for Renoise that works with samples and VSTIs.

Here’s a page for more information. I know it sounds a bit new age stuff:

I think it would be a troublesome feature, atleast with VST-instruments it probably wouldn’t work.

Here’s a solution if you have finished a track and want to change it to “432 hz-scale”.
Then in Sound Forge, go Process > Resample, select the "Resample to 44100 preset and select the highest interpolation accuracy. Press OK, and when it’s done, save to wav.

Now you will have a 44.1 kHz wav-file with the music in 130 BPM and the A-key in “432 hz-scale”.

Wow. A troll on the renoise forums. First time for me.

I’d love to see that, even if it only works for sample based instruments… but not if it wasn’t automatibilitized :D

Sound healing? Resonates with your body?

That sound like humbug to me.

That not to say i’m “against” having another basenote than 440A .p

432 a more harmonic scale than 440?

That’s is complete bullshit!! :P

I’m doing a three year education for piano-tuning so I learn a lot about tuning and about harmonic scales and stuff and the 432 scale is just as in-harmonic as 440 or 438 or 442 scale.

Don’t believe stuff you read on the internet.

brain explodes

This is more comprehensibly discussed at modplug forums.