Global View/Disk Browser Bug

Hi there,

There are two bugs in the disk browser:

  1. When a global view preset is selected that shows the disk browser, then the disk browser will always show the type (Song, Instrument, Sample…) that was selected when the global preset has been saved.

  2. Related to that, when a global preset is selected that shows the disk browser it also puts the cursor in the right browser window to the top.

Together, that means that if you browse deep into your sample folder, but quickly navigate to the sample editor, for instance, and then come back to the global view with the disk browser, than it does not show the folder you were just browsing in, but the Song folder for instance! You then have to click on Samples first, which luckily will show the folder you were browsing in, but scrolled to the top, no matter how deep down you have been before! This is extremely annoying.

Is there a workaround?


The keyboard focus is saved with the presets, so all you have to do is (re)saving them.

Its true that, what you do in the Diskbrowser after having selected a preset, is not autmatically saved/updated in the presets. Doing so is harder than it seems and maybe might be more confusing than helpful at the end.

Right, so what I did now is to save my sample folder view as a global preset. That works as expected besides the jumping to the top all the time. (And it of course does only work for my samples now, if I am browsing instruments and switch to another global view I will have the same problem when switching back).
I also realized that this problem might be more pronounced on a netbook, since the upper panel cannot be shown at all times due to screen limitations. In that case you will heavily rely on jumping between global presets.
Maybe something like an additional “go to last screen view” preset would help that works like an undo for screen view switching.