'Global/View/Focus Pattern Matrix' Keyboard Shortcut

This seems to be missing. I can do Shift-Esc from the Pattern Editor but how do I jump straight to the Pattern Matrix if the focus is elsewhere?

Store your GUI layout in one of the 8 preset buttons on the top right when you have the pattern matrix focussed, the next time you press that function key, you get an instant jump to the pattern matrix including focus, always.
Also allow yourself to make other stuff visible that you need when the pattern matrix is being jumped to (having the automation editor visible or the dsp rack for instance, or choosing between diskbrowser or scopes on top)

Yep, I’m aware of this but as you say, this will not just set the focus, it will also change any other panels stored in the preset.

It really does look like an oversight that that shortcut is not present in the list.

other than ctrl+shift+tab (depending if pattern editor has focus), there is no other shortcut no.

If there should be any spot in the shortcut list where to expect it, it would be in the Globals -> View list.


But I would have to as I’ve requested it in the past ;)