Global Volume Tool

Would someone be able to write a tool that enables the user to globally change each tracks volume?This would be handy especially if your songs contain large amounts of tracks,having to crawl tru them all one by one adding +2db or - 4db or whatever is a serious pain in the bum. :ph34r:

You might need this:

No thats not really what im looking for :ph34r: it would need to include sends aswell

I haven’t checked out the tool myself. I assumed it does the trick for the sends too.
Anyway it really depends on your mixing techniques and the usage of track grouping and sends.
I’ve made a simple script which adds gainers at the end of each DSP chain with a predefined gain value. I’m using it when I want to render all the tracks into separate files so that they won’t clip. That’s a clumsy solution because you can’t change the gain value for all the tracks afterwards.

I suggested macro-recording of operations earlier. But got no response. It would however make it easier to, for example crank the volume 2dB on a couple of tracks, IF, macros had an option to record operations without being tied to the track the macro was recorded from. This is why I in the first place only suggested macros for the advanced pattern editor operations. The idea was to be able to Record a macro of operations. Stop the recording. Select another track, apply macro and get the recorded (and valid) operations applied to the track. Macros could fuck up a lot, just as you can with macros in excel, but on the other hand it could be of great assistance.

Another solution would be to add advanced mixer editor operations. With things such as Fader level -3 -1 +1 +3 and some kind of freely assignable “transpose”, like the Note operations for patterns.

In Cubase you can link faders but that requires multiple tracks to be selectable at once I guess.

At first glance it seems like you just want to raise/lower the volume of every track by the exact same amount, to give a ‘global’ change in volume over your whole song. If that’s the case then you can simply put a Gainer on the Master track and change the level there instead, to affect all tracks at once.

If, like eeter, you just need to temporarily lower the level of all tracks before rendering each to a separate .wav, then you could also lower the Track Headroom via the Song Settings panel.

Or did you mean something else?

(A tool to actually change all the individual track levels would still be handy, I’m just wondering if there isn’t a simpler solution that you can use right now)

That’s what I was thinking, if we are talking about the standard Post Gains anyway then changing the Master Pre Gain would do the same job. Due to the fact Sends are always before Post Gains I think this will always hold up, even when you have dynamic processors on the Send channel. Pre Gains are a completely different matter!

Although an extension of the basic idea could be good. Adjustment of all Post Gains based on Track Selection (IE selection across tracks from within the Pattern Editor.) Then also an option for it to read any Gainer devices and if their name has been changed to Post-Gain it would adjust them instead (allowing you to see do so for tracks which used Sends etc.)

Also true that the Track Headroom would do a very similar job in the majority of cases and may be a usable solution a lot of the time.

Yes that would work,i never even thought of that,i hope this wouldnt have any unwanted side effects?

Sorry, but you quoted my entire post where I actually mentioned several different things.

When you ask about side effects, what exactly are you referring to?

A gainer on the master chain

Ok. Well, as I said, this would allow you to easily adjust the gain of every track in your song by the same amount. As far as side effects go, I’m really not sure if you have much to worry about. You would still be able to adjust individual tracks if you needed to, for example. If you have some FX on your Master track, then obviously the position of the Gainer will be important. For example, if you put the Gainer before a compressor, then raising/lowering the level may alter the overall behaviour of the compressor. Generally speaking, though, you would probably put the Gainer at the very end of the DSP Chain in order to control the overall/final levels. But also keep in mind that you’ll need to be careful when it comes to clipping the signal and things like that. Ultimately, it simply depends on your particular song and how everything is set up. I was only trying to suggest an easier way to adjust the master/global volume. You are still responsible for making sure that the new volume level doesn’t turn your song to crap :)

Yeah im well up on mastering and all that jazz im just wondering just in case i may have missed something.Thanks il try this method from now on :ph34r: