Globally disable "Auto Suspend Plugin when Silent" for VST/AU EFX and Plugins

Hi, I’m loading old songs, and somehow, for some reason, most of my plugins&VST/AU EFX default to “Auto Suspend Plugin with Silent”. How would I go about disabling this Auto Suspend Plugin when Silent for each and every plugin in my palette?

When in the plug-in tab on your left there is a big button for Auto Suspend.Hit that .

i meant globally. on every plugin and effect.
with a single click.
not one at a time.

The API seems to allow for[].plugin_properties.auto_suspend

however, where’s the stuff for Auto Suspend=Off for actual VST/AU plugins?

There is a Little guestion mark on the plug-in tab .It is where you choose the plug-in right next to it.Hit that and you will find what you need and other options as well

yep, the little question mark is there. however, this needs to then be done for each and every plugin in the track. that’s not very workflow-friendly.

is there a better way to do that?

I don’t think so but I could be wrong.

You’ll only need to set this option once for every plugin type. From then on all newly created instances will use the new options.

I believe a bug has been introduced since this setting is not remembered anymore, the setting is lost on both Sylenth1 and Spire but should work with SIDizer.

I can confirm this on macos: “Auto suspend when silent” state will not be saved to the plugin database anymore, but still into the song.