Gloomy techno track, just released

Hi, if you like techno maybe you’ll like to give my latest track a listen, which was recently released digitally + on vinyl. It was made with Renoise, a Moog Sub Phatty, Korg ER-1 and a Korg Monotron + some vocals which I did through the Microkorg vocoder. It started out with a long-ass live recording where I ran the signal from the ER-1 (splitted) into the Moog’s CV and Filter inputs, and then the output from the moog into itself for some nice feedback, and just tweaked away. It was a quite messy and fun session :slight_smile:


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Sick. Devious underground 90s vibes

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Thanks for tuning in, EliWay!

Great track and I especially like its rawness. Did you mix inRenoise too?

Thanks lilith! yes mixed in Renoise. Can’t remember when I tried to mix something in another DAW… over 10 years ago. I would probably suck at that now :stuck_out_tongue: