Glowing Gridlines (IDM, Electronic)

Hi everyone! I’m a hobbyist music producer living in Sweden. I’ve been making music for a while but with long breaks in the middle. I picked it up more seriously again around 1.5 years ago, when I rebooted with the Maschine MK3 (and also FL and Reason.) Since then I have been working on progressing more effectively. I got the Polyend Tracker half a year ago, and after some time I started to get into the tracker workflow. This got me into Renoise, and after a bunch of smaller tracks, I finished my first full track in Renoise - Glowing Gridlines.

I’m into old retro-y tracks, and also IDM and Jungle from the 90’s and 2000’s. This track is more of a lo-fi setting (not cheesy lo-fi hiphop), perhaps a bit inspired by old albums from Warp and Rephlex, but also different in many ways. I like to mix some clunkyness with more serious and modern sounds.

You can check out the track here: Song - Glowing Gridlines (IDM, Electronic, Renoise) - YouTube

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the track, as well as any tips or advice. I need to find a bit of interaction and feedback to keep this hobby going I think, since I don’t know any electronic musicians in real life :).


sounds like sad aphex twin

Lol, yeah the drums are inspired by Aphex Twin for sure…

Nice tune! Could use some more life in the mix. I feel like some saturation on the drums and bass, creative use of delays and reverbs would add a deeper sense of space and movement.

I like the compostion. does have an oldschool aphex or brainwaltzera vibe

Can’t help you there, I am a flesh and blood human being, or so I’ve been led to believe…

Thanks for listening! Yeah I suppose I could have added a saw-synth or a few saturators to spice up the frequency spectrum, and indeed widen things up a bit further with reverbs. In some sense I wanted to keep it minimalistic and mellow, but perhaps I overdid it a little, so I’ll keep in mind to have more punch in the next track.

I’m glad you like the composition, I feel personally that’s where I have made a lot of improvement since working with Renoise and PT.

Cool track @vacuum_collapse

Id work on the clap some more, it seems pretty forward in the mix; perhaps layer it and lower it some.

Thanks for the feedback! I wondered about the clap myself, so I’m glad to hear your thoughts. I’ll lower it in the mix for future tracks.