GMKit - Nano (samples in separate tracks not showing in Mixer)


When using the “GMKit - Nano” XRNI that comes with Renoise, samples triggered in separate tracks (Kick in one track, snare in another track, etc) do not appear to show up in the Mixer. I am curious as to why this is.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open Renoise
  2. Load the “GMKit - Nano” XRNI into an instrument slot
  3. Set Phrases from “Prg” to “Off”
  4. Input a note to trigger a sample in one track (i.e. Kick - C3 in Track 1 on line 00)
  5. Input a note to trigger a sample in another track (i.e. Snare - E3 in Track 2 on line 08)
  6. Switch to the Mixer

Expected Results:

The Mixer meter for each track containing notes triggering samples will change.

Actual Results

The Mixer meters show nothing.


See attached XRNS for a test case.groove.xrns (2.3 MB)

Just a thought, that GMKit instrument has effect FX chain sets applied to its samples. You can only use the instrument in one track now (not spread across tracks.) I would first try disabling the FX effect chains on that instrument samples, see if that helps.

It certainly does have effects chains applied to various samples. I suspected that that may have something to do with it. I still need to dive deeper into the manual and re-watch the tutorial videos. I’ll have to play around with that and see how it works, or, just copy the notes from the separate tracks into one, using additional note columns instead. Shouldn’t be too hard to tell with column is Kick, Snare, HiHat, Cymbal, etc. (for those that find this thread, I discovered that you can name the individual note columns in a track, which is pretty nifty.)

Thanks for the link and answer.

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