Gocab - The Two Year Dusk

I haven’t been too active in here, but I hope some of you will enjoy it nonetheless.
I’m putting my neck out there and saying this is some rather unique stuff, but feel free to disagree. in here. or on the soundcloud page. but give it a liste or three first. please <3
Gocab - The Two Year Dusk

I recommend you listen to this at high volume. no…wait… I demand it :lol:

I like the flow of the album alot. In a way you work in the same middle ground as me, mixing hard sounds with something more fluffy. Still you approach it quite different than me, so it was very inspiring. I didn’t listen to everything (and not at hight volume), but I appreciate your use of distiortion :D

I have to say that I hate soundcloud’s way of presenting things, no individual tracks, lousy info.

Is this all renoise? I expect you at least used some VSTi for the evolving pads, or?

Thank you :) I will be checking your stuff out. Yes, this is not all renoise, I used a couple of vsts, mainly the korg legacy collection and some other bits and bobs. I also cheated and worked the finished tracks into a whole in ableton live, oh the sacrelidge!