Going over 1000 patterns

Exactly what the title says. I’m currently working on something very large, and I’ve hit the 1000 patterns mark. I’m aware that there’s a hardcoded limit of 1000 patterns in one song; is there a way to circumvent this, if at all?

I might be asking for the impossible here, but just in case there is anything I can do.

what is the pattern length? Perhaps you can join some until the maximum length of 512?



Woah wait, you can do that? Guess there’s something new to learn every day.

Thank you! This should free up some patterns. Hope it doesn’t go over the limit before the project ends…

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Kind of a joke as it is very impractical but you can also use the ZL command to save lines (and possibly fit more patterns into the 512 line limit) if you have parts where you can get away with having a lower LPB.

This could be interesting to automate with a tool that could “compress” patterns by doing the joining and this. Although I wouldn’t think many users reach the 1000 limit.

Btw I’m curious what you are working on that spans over this many patterns, hope you share it once it is done!

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I’ll try that out, thank you!