Goldie Writes His Own Tunes Or Not ?

well i saw some guy some time ago that said that goldie always use other ppl to make the tracks for his album (can’t really remember where i saw it) … and then i saw this info of the ppl who wrote tracks in this album including tech itch and danny j and also goldie
the link (in the credits) …

anybody knows about it? if goldie releases other ppl under his name ? im a bit confuse over this…

hi burital,

yeah, afaik: goldie came with a vision to eg. rob playford, and they produced great tracks.
Goldie is a great Graffiti Artist (just for the reference: SprayCanArt ( ))
and a DJ of a subculture (ever heard a set of him?).
I read, he knews what he wanted to produce with, eg. “timeless” and how it should sound and
if they spent hours together in the studio, you can not say other people produced under his name.
You can’t compare that to that famous Music Biz Ninetees Cases like “Alanis Morisette” who wanted to sound like Madonna and the Producer said:
“no” -> it must to be a Rock Album.

Goldie had some thoughts about timeless,
i don’t think that Rob Playford (read his bio: < grooverider, moving shadow label owner)
had this vision, but he produced a lot of tracks.

well usually from the little i know when two producers work on the same actual production mostly in electronic music its common to see teebee feat calyx (for example) , i just dont understand why this rob playford or tech itch or danny j are being credited as a part of the track name . its a different situation from a guy that makes the final mastering and mixing (a big part no doubt but it’s not the most important part of every track - the actual writing) … and don’t get me wrong i really love goldie and his track but this part of the other producers that involvd in so many tracks is a bit odd to me

There is an article on SOS (sound on sound, search goldie or timeless, etc) where Rob Playford clearly told ppl that Goldie absolutely not tech savvy. So yeah, Goldie is just a “producer”, routines like “more funk, less crunk, etc…”

Hmm ,don’t you mean otherwise ?
I think to be a producer you have to be tech savie , besides having a musical input , you must have a clear understanding of the tools at hand to concretisize the ideas of the artsist .
Take michael jackson for example , ther’es a a great thread on gearslutz about a mixing engineer who was working with m.j. the only thing mj could do was sing , but not just that , he sung every melodie line , chorus , bassline etc …and it was the producers task to get those ideas on tape , so was mj a producer …no …was he an artist …yeah

Fact is, many known DJ’s let produce Albums or Tracks from Artists,
from those who sit hours in front of the Sequencer, the Speakers and be creative.

But i think Goldie is different, because he is an artist, too.

Yeah, thats the point, the producer is tech savy, thats the benifit for the artist, that is great luck for an artist.
And a good Example, Michael Jackson: Bruce Swedien produced thriller and they broke a speaker during this album, he is one of the top producers.
You know how to keep the source signal high or to use sidechain compression on drums?
But Michael Jackson Albums are mastered to the Limit, too.