Hey guys,

It’s not often that I can share an xrns! Here is a song I made for my forthcoming EP:


The xrns is a total mess, sorry about that. I was still experimenting when I finished it.


Enjoy :)

Wow… I really get this…really good composition…and thx so much for xnrs it’s an eye opener

No problem man :) Thanks for the feedback!

Liked and following. :walkman:

I am just starting to learn Renoise, so thanks for the help with another example to learn from.

Thanks man. You might see some weird stuff in the xrns though since I decided to change some instruments at the last minute ;)

It’s a bit too cheerful and straightforward for my tastes but it has a strong theme nevertheless. Beats were ok but I thought they were a bit too loud. There were some nice transition moments all around (like around 1st min mark). But I am not sure if you have any bass? I’m on shitty speakers right now though so perhaps you had some subs and they weren’t translating at all.

My expectations were nicely met when the beat came in. :walkman: What’s with the timing, though? Did you use groove or something (can’t check the xrns right now)?

It’s kindof glitch/idm crossed with melodic dnb - so lovely and definitely my thing.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah it’s a kind of drum’n’bass beat but played a bit faster ~190 BPM. I don’t think I used the groove setting on this one ;)

I really dig your stuff too btw, very melodic and all :)

some of those synths you picked seem a little cheesy and i feel like you could add more to the bass but i still love what you got. plus this is the only drill n bass song ive heard in the last few months where the drums didnt sound like a monkey smashing the keyboard hoping everything would go on a beat, the percussion still has a rhythm


Oh, so this is drill n bass, hey?

I like it. :)

Mmh… not pure drill’n’bass. It’s related though.

Glad you do :)

For those interested, the EP is out: