Good affordable sound card.

My E-mu 0404USB is just not cutting it anymore. Broken spdif on the front, audio drivers cut in and out all the time on windows 7 64 bit. Time to get a new soundcard.

I want something of decent quality with at least the following:

Mic pre-amp
Analog in
spdif in

I guess that’s it. It would be nice if I could modify the volume by a hardware control panel (like the breakout box on the old e-mu 1820M). Actually, I had the 1820M before it broke, and I liked that sound card. Not that I ever figured it out properly. I think I got the on-board reverb working once though…

Anyways, I’m not going to name a budget. But I’m going to be plugging my korg m3 (spdif) into it, and a mic. That’s about it. I guess it’s a prett basic requirement. I’d like to not have to replace it for 5 years at least. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!!

I have a RME Babyface. It works well with Linux and Windows. I’d buy it again if I was given my money back.

I have the Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 6, which have worked out quite all right for me. Wish I could still be using my old Emu 1820m, though, I think I liked the sound slightly better on that one. Plus it had many more ins and outs

Thank you Lowkey and Kyle for the suggestions.

Lowkey, when I saw the price of the RME Babyface I actually involuntarily said “Oh my good lord God” out loud. That one looks like quite a beast of a soundcard, but overkill for what I need. I’m leaning towards the NI Kontrol, simply based on price.

FYI, I know I literally said “I’m not going to name a budget”. But now I am… $300 or less. =)

Genuinely thank you guys for the suggestions. If there are any others that folks have please let me know.

Focusrite has killer preamps. I’m still in love with my Saffire pro 24. There are some cheaper models too with the same preamps.
(I’ve had an emu tracker pre and two m-audio pci cards before, all not satisfactory)

I agree, the preamps of Focusrite interfaces are very nice! I had an EMU Tracker Pre before (with similar audio driver issues), and compared to my Scarlett 2i2, there is a huge difference.

I would definitely recommend Focusrite.

$300 or less?

+1 for Native - Instruments. That is what I am using. Here is the spec for the KA6 it has everything you require, and its built like a tank…

When I bought the KA6, they were giving away copies of Guitar Rig Pro for free!! And if you head to NI’s website, you will notice from now until sept 2nd they are doing the same thing again.

Furthermore… Go to GuitarCenter and ask for the best price… iirc I paid $179 out the door… far less than the price on the shelf.

lol :D

Yeah its a bit expensive but I was sick of upgrading every few years and trying to get reliable low latencies. The ADAT will come in handy when I complete my Reason PC. Ebay is worth looking at to get a bargin.

I have a 404 and a Focusrite. Personally, i liked the Focusrite more. Some better but not a whole lot better sound-wise. Seems a little better to me. But a lot better in the way that it still works and they act like they care that it works. Former gods, emu… bye!

If you want a replacement for your old emu i think buy a Focusrite in the same price range.