Good Copy Bad Copy

Great flick.

I haven’t watched this all yet but I did watch the first 5 minutes the other night, looks fascinating. I’ll hit it up again sometime this weekend :)

What i find a pity that “Girl Talk” calls himself a musician while he is just a sample arranger and not much more.
I liked the part about The Pirate Bay (after aprox 18 minutes).

Well the part near the end shows him chopping up those samples quite a bit… someone should let him in on the world of Renoise, he might find it allows him to do a crapload more than he currently does :P

… I’d say that those that make music entirely out of samples are still being musicians if they’re not just doing loop based production. There’s a very vast difference between someone who chops out tiny clips of sound and uses them as instruments to create an entirely new composition, and those that take large chunks of old funk tracks and layer them together.